“Liza Monroy is a great date — a  masterful storyteller, witty, urbane, tender, and hilarious.”

— Dan White, author of  Under The Stars and The Cactus Eaters

“An all-around expert on romantic love, Liza Monroy delivers these lively, touching essays about love in the depersonalized time of tech. Spanning countries and dates – some more successful than others and all under the watchful eye of her mother, a profiler for the U.S. State Department – Monroy delivers an engaging chronicle for our times.”   — San Jose Mercury News

“Liza Monroy has a magical voice, the kind that makes you want to read the next sentence and then the one after that to see what turn her writing will take next. She is observant, funny, and curiously wise about the culture we live and flounder in.”   — Daphne Merkin, writer and critic for The New Yorker, essayist and novelist

“…it is interesting to watch Monroy learn her lessons, to stop romanticizing her partners or assigning them to neat boxes, to assert boundaries and rules, even if they get broken. When she finally gets her happy ending, it feels earned.”   —Publishers Weekly

  • The Marriage Act book cover
  • The Marriage Act

    A timely and topical look at the changing face of marriage in America, The Marriage Act (Counterpoint/Soft Skull Press, 2014) speaks to the emergent generation forming bonds outside of tradition—and sometimes even outside the law. With this memoir, “Liza Monroy emerges as both an artist and a hero,” says Nick Flynn, author of Another Bullshit Night in Suck City and The Reenactments

  • Mexican High book cover
  • Mexican High

    In a setting rife with sex, drugs, and political corruption, Monroy’s first novel (Spiegel & Grau, 2008) is also a revealing look at elite Mexican society and its freedoms, dangers, and excesses. Monroy’s debut, Elle magazine writes, “marvelously captures modern Mexico City.”