Selected Essays, Fiction, & Journalism

Zoom Yoga

Lunch Ticket 

Summer/Fall 2021 Featured Fiction

How Equal Access Santa Cruz County is Bridging the Digital Divide

Good Times cover story

2,500-word feature

Books For Short Attention Spans

Publishers Weekly

3,000-word reported feature

New Cuisine Amid Covid

Lookout Santa Cruz

Reported feature/listicle



3,600-word personal essay/reportage

Selected for inclusion in Best American Food Writing 2021!

‘Mom Speaks to Dads’ Column


Essay series

“The Manifestation of Señor Bacon”

The New York Times

Personal essay

“Vision Quest”

Marie Claire

Personal essay

“A War Zone for Anyone Looking For Love”

Goodbye to All That,
ed. Sari Botton
Seal Press

“Marriage Changes Things”

Wedding Cake for Breakfast
ed. Kim Perel & Wendy Sherman

“Like Father, Like Daughter?”

Drinking Diaries
ed. Leah Odze Epstein & Caren Osten Gerzberg
(Seal Press)

“The Sympathy Sham”

The New York Times 

“My First Husband”

One Big Happy Family
ed. Rebecca Walker
(Riverhead Books)

 “The Heart is Pleasure in Writing”

Profile of Jonathan Lethem, full text available on request
Cover story of Poets & Writers

“Elvis and My Husband Have Left the Building”

Modern Love: 50 True and Extraordinary Tales of Desire, Deceit, and Devotion
The Best of the New York Times “Modern Love” column
ed. Daniel Jones
(Three Rivers Press)
This essay originally appeared in The New York Times

“Unlawfully Wedded Wife”

Psychology Today

Personal essay

“Naked Yoga”

Jane magazine

Guinea-pig journalism

“My Soul Mate Barely Knows my Name”

Jane magazine

Literary personal essay

“New Years Resolutions Hit the Road”

Everyday With Rachael Ray

Travel journalism

“Ciao, Papa”

The New York Times Magazine

“Lining Up At Balducci’s, And Not For The Salmon”

The New York Times

City section – reported article

“When More Than The Aroma Beckons”

The New York Times

City section – essay

“A Fold-Up Path of Resistance”

The New York Times

Styles section – reported article