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may come from this book The 90 Day Novel by Alan Watt, which came recommended to me by a grad school friend while we were in NYC this summer. So, I love War of Art and books about creative process, the hero’s journey, &c. But I also harbor suspicions about any particular “method” or guru which purports to offer success via any other channel besides “write, realize it sucks, throw it away, repeat” on through eternity (j/k – just until the 4th, 5th, or 6th draft). The 90-Day novel, as a title, reeks of that, but the source from whence it came recommended is highly trusted and someone whose work and taste I deeply respect. I ordered the book right away. I’ve already done some of the exercises (something to which I also harbor resistance) and they’re great! I love these hints that come at the end of the beginning, after the exercises but before the real work of writing the novel begins. I’ve already broken one of them several times, including with this post, but here you go:
“Don’t talk about your story to others. Talking about it dissipates the urgency to write it. Contain the energy.
Carry your story with you like a delicious secret.
Keep quiet and keep writing.
Commit yourself to a time to write each day. We are creatures of habit.
…two hours a day, every day. Two hours will get you to the end.
Every writer who begins this workshop is terrified. Your fear is an indication that this story holds a tremendous amount of meaning for you.”