TMA on The Advocate’s “Must Read LGBT Books” List

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There are so many “year end, best of” lists that it can feel kind of sad if your book is overlooked, so I’m thrilled and honored that The Marriage Act is featured on The Advocate’s 18 Must-Read LGBT Books We Missed Last Year. I always wonder, after the initial rush of publicity dies down a month or two after the pub date, about ways writers can keep their books “alive” if they’re not already famous and bestselling?

The Marriage Act was six years in the making, and I’m confident in its stakes and importance as a look back at what “marriage rights” used to be in the age of DOMA and how marriage was defined then as opposed to now (though still there’s a ways to go), as well as it being the kind of memoir I most like to read: deeply personal, a story about family and the search for love, etc. But how does a book find its right audience when there are not only so many books, but forms of entertainment and distraction? What leads a reader to a book? Maybe because I’m not at AWP this year, I’m getting my fix by pondering these panelish questions…As always, I welcome your thoughts!